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Senetta Bancroft

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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P: 618-453-6162

Dr Bancroft has expertise in science teacher professional development, qualitative research methods, and the use of critical theories to inform science education research and practice. Her research currently focuses on teacher beliefs about science instruction and the impact of full profile >>

Lingguo Bu

Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction

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P: 618.536.2441

Dr. Lingguo Bu is associate professor of mathematics education in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction with an extensive teaching and research background in K-12 STEM education and teacher development. Dr. Bu received his Ph.D. in mathematics education from Florida State University in full profile >>

Wesley Calvert

Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics

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P: 618.453.6573
E: wcalvert@

Wesley Calvert comes from a family of Southern Illinois school teachers. He has provided professional development in Illinois, Kentucky, and overseas, in the areas of K-12 teacher content knowledge, especially problem solving, conceptual understanding, and interpretation of student work, full profile >>

James Conder

Associate Professor and Graduate Director, Department of Geology

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P: 618.453.7352
E: conder@

Dr. Conder specializes in Seismology and Geodynamics - disciplines focused on understanding the structure and internal workings of our planet. In addition to Geophysics classes, Dr. Conder teaches a Natural Hazards and Catastrophes course as part of the University Core Curriculum. full profile >>

Bruce DeRuntz

Director, Leadership Development Program

Bruce DeRuntz, is a Professor in the College of Engineering and Director of SIUC’s award winning Engineering Leadership Development Program. The program has the distinction of having a 96 percent pre-graduation career full profile >>

Harvey Henson

Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction and Geology | Interim Director of STEM Education Research Center

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P: 618.536.6666
E: Henson@

I serve as an Assistant Professor in the School of Education, as well as the School of Earth Systems and Sustainability (College of Agricultural, Life and Physical Sciences). I am passionate about STEM, and also work as the Interim Director of the STEM Education Research Center full profile >>

Gary Kinsel

Professor and Chair, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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P: 618.453.6482
E: gkinsel@

The investigation of pulsed rf plasmas polymerization for the surface modification of Matrix Assisted laser/Desorption Ionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry targets. The utilization of suface modified MALDI targets in proteomics applications and for the discovery of novel cellular full profile >>

Carey Krajewski

Professor and Chair, Department of Zoology and Director, Biological Sciences Program

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P: 618.453.2314
E: careyk@

Dr. Krajewski is an evolutionary biologist with research interests in phylogenetic relationships among mammals and birds.  As a member of SIU’s Zoology Department since 1990, he has taught biology courses at the non-majors, introductory majors, upper division, and full profile >>

Liliana Lefticariu

Associate Professor, Department of Geology

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P: 618.453.7373
E: lefticariu@

Dr. Lefticariu's research specialty is sustainability, environmental, and low-temperature geochemistry with emphasis on the biogeochemical and stable isotope systematic of elements that play key roles in Earth’s surface processes. Since 2007, she has taught full profile >>

Ron Nagrodski

Lecturer, Department of Mathematics

Ron Nagrodski
P: 618.453.6503
E: rnagrodski@

Ron Nagrodski has taught mathematics at the high school level for 34 years. He has taught every class from remedial high school arithmetic through advanced placement B/C calculus.  In 2000 he wrote the curriculum (lessons, assignments and assessment) for the full profile >>

Kathleen Spector

Department of Mathematics

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P: 618.453.6575


Professor; Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University 1980. Hyperbolic PDE's, continuum mechanics, and science education.

Mary Wright

Professor, Emerita, and Distinguished Teacher; Ph.D., Department of Mathematics

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P: 618.453.6582
E: mwright1@

Dr. Wright received her Mathematics at McGill University in 1977. She has been involved in professional development with local area K-12 educators since 2005. Mary is most inspired by the dedication that teachers have for their students and she thrives on witnessing teachers gain full profile >>