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James Conder

Associate Professor and Graduate Director, Department of Geology

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P: 618.453.7352
E: conder@ geo.siu.edu

Dr. Conder specializes in Seismology and Geodynamics - disciplines focused on understanding the structure and internal workings of our planet. In addition to Geophysics classes, Dr. Conder teaches a Natural Hazards and Catastrophes course as part of the University Core Curriculum. Understanding the planet as a system is essential to appropriately addressing important issues such as dealing with regional hazards like earthquakes or more global ones, like climate change. These issues only become more important with time.

Dr. Conder has an ongoing project monitoring earthquakes in the Wabash valley. He has been actively sharing the experiment and results with High School Science teachers and other educators in the Wabash region. One seismograph is located on the band practice field at Mt. Carmel High School.