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A Predictive Early Intervention Metric for Remedial and Gateway Mathematics Courses
Mark Amos, Gregory Budzban, Mary Wright, Heather Jaffe

Abstract: Early intervention strategies at the university level are becoming increasingly prevalent to aid student retention efforts.  For these strategies to become optimal, they must be accompanied by precise data analysis tools to help focus limited resources precisely where these resources can most effective.  Research indicates that gateway university math courses, including remedial math courses, are one of the most critical paths that students must negotiate to be successful and emerge with a degree.  In this paper, we present an easily calculated early-intervention metric implemented in our gateway math courses.  In addition, we present data indicating it is highly predictive of eventual student success and/or the lack of that success in these courses.  Finally, we discuss how this data will be used to craft more effective student success  programs at Southern Illinois University.

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