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Clean SOIL A southern Illinois beautification initiative

When Clean SoIL founder Dr. Glenn Poshard first pitched the idea of using education to create a litter free southern Illinois, the Clean SoIL curriculum writers could not help but take that idea and run with it. Below, southern Illinois educators will find lessons that are well on their way to helping achieve that goal.

Each lesson uses the 5E Inquiry Model and leverages experiential education practices to create student driven discoveries in the classroom.

Teachers can also utilize the additional resources page to find extension activities, field trips and funding opportunities for their classroom. 

COMING SOON: Curriculum Kits

Don't have all the materials to make a Clean SoIL lesson happen? No problem!

The Clean SoIL curriculum writers recognize that classroom teachers often have to purchase materials for their class out-of-pocket. To make it easier for classroom teachers to implement Clean SoIL lessons, we've secured grant funding to create kits with materials needed for making lessons happen.

For more information, contact Dr. Harvey Henson at

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If you implemented a lesson using our curriculum, the Clean SoIL team invites you to participate in a general survey to give feedback on the lesson you used.

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