Saluki Teen Science Café

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The Teen Science Café is an out-of-school free program, that is a fun way for teens to explore the big advances in science and technology affecting their lives. It’s a way for teens and STEM experts to engage in conversations and activities that explore topics of interest in a relaxed and informal out of school setting. We are also a community of practice that provides the highest quality resources, guidance, and support to individuals and organizations that wish to implement a teen science café. All of our members are committed to help one another continually improve the Teen Science Café experiences and their impacts. 

This program has a lot to offer teens, including leadership role opportunities. A group of teen leaders, with the committed mentorship of adults, can plan and run the café themselves. They make welcome as diverse of a teen crowd as possible—diverse in ethnicity, culture, gender, and motivations for learning about science. Teen Science Cafés are not just for the science fans; they are for all curious teens. 

Currently, due to the pandemic, all café meetings are being held via Zoom online. You can participate as much as you are comfortable with or just listen in. We are still bringing in experienced speakers to our calls to educate our students. We look forward to one day being able to have them in person and be able to do even more hands-on activities. Cafés are typically 1-1.5 hours, once per each month. Membership is free! You will be warmly welcomed and strongly supported.