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Picture of Garden of the Gods in the surrounding Carbondale region

The STEM Education Research Center has many educational tools that could help bolster STEM concepts through hands-on learning. We are most known locally for our outreach with our Virtual Augmented Sandbox. Our Outreach Team has come to classrooms and STEM/STEAM events at southern Illinois K-12 grade schools. Here we are able to demonstrate these STEM concepts to students and families at no expense to the school. Please see our offered educational tools below for more information on a specific item!


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image of virtual sandboxVirtual Sandbox

Our Outreach team often uses the Portable Sandbox to demonstrate in classrooms and STEM/STEAM events in the southern Illinois area. This system allows topographic features from 2-D maps to come alive in a 3-D hands-on activity. Showing contour lines, geologic features, geomorphology. 

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EmRiver River Table

Little River Research & Design and the STEM Center have a wonderful relationship to help promote the study of hydrology, hydrogeology, and geomorphology through the use of their Em2 & Em3 River models. 

Dr. Harvey Henson using ground penetrating rdarGround Penetrating Radar

Ground-penetrating radar (GPR), or georadar, is a common geophysical tool in geology, archeology, and engineering. GPR allows researchers to image the near-subsurface and to be able to interpret what might be below-ground. This is a great demonstration for 9-12 graders to see how light waves are used in real-world activities.